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JLG Telehandler

JLG Telehandler

After retiring in the late 1960's, John L. Grove set out on a cross country RV expedition. After spending many years establishing his family built crane business with his brother, John had no idea that this journey would give birth to the rise of JLG Industries, Inc. The world leader of mobile aerial work platforms and precision materials handling technologies was the end consequence of a road trip.

All through their journey, John reacquainted himself with previous business associates along the way. In combination with these conversations and a noteworthy event; two workers were unfortunately electrocuted on scaffolding when the Groves were passing through the Hoover Dam. John discovered a considerable marketplace for a product that could promptly and safely lift people in the air to accomplish upkeep and other building services.

After returning from their trip, John set up a partnership with two of his friends and purchased a metal fabrication business in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. Starting with a small crew of twenty workers, they fashioned and sold their first JLG aerial work platform in 1970. The company incorporates some of the basic design essentials of that original lift into existing designs.

JLG forklifts have come a long way since Mr. John L. Grove returned to town from his cross-country road trip and since the first aerial work platform debuted on the market. At present, the company proudly continues to expand itself into a range of marketplaces globally and develops new products to make sure consumers are capable of being more effective and perform in the workplace within a safer environment.

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